The Energized Leader

How can organizations help their leaders and high potential employees achieve maximum performance?  Research shows the key to outstanding performance is ENERGY – the ability of individuals to achieve the physical, intellectual and emotional energy necessary to reach their full potential. Great leaders know how to maximize their own physical energy, intellectual focus and positive emotions and see the value on their performance and the performance of those they lead.

The Energized Leader is a scientifically based program that helps participants develop a positive and focused work environment.  Our developmental approach offers practical, actionable strategies for increasing physical, intellectual and emotional energy. To support behavior change small group coaching sessions are provided after each module.

The program is comprised of three half day modules.  Each module is followed by a group coaching session. 

Module 1:  Physical Energy - Building the Foundation

By the end of this module participants will:

Module 2:  Intellectual Energy – Maintaining Focus

By the end of this module participants will:

Module 3:  Emotional Energy - The Influence of Attitudes and Emotions

By the end of this module participants will:

Group Coaching – Maintaining Commitment:

Participants meet in groups of five for approximately 45 minutes. 

By the end of the group coaching session participants will have: